Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Renowed instructor Makaya, will teach traditional and contemporary Congolese styles as well as a variety of rhythms. dance song will be intertwined in joyful mix throughout the class. You are invited to bring a piece of African fabic or orther (lappa)to wrap around your waist. don't miss this wonderful opportunity to experience these highly skilled dancer

All levels welcome - Live Drummer.

Friday, july 16, 2010.
Drum class 5-6pm call 707 363 0546
Dance Class 6:30pm-8pm
Parkpoint Health Club
1200 N Dutton ave . Santa Rosa 95041

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  1. Is choreographer, dancer and drummer of Congolese traditional dance as well as contemporary dance. Born and raised in Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) Kayos is an artist who been initiated and ritually trained in the art of Congolese dance and music.
    His training spans over 2 decades though. He took part in various folkloric dance groups and percussion groups and realized a few pieces. Then, he was engaged in a contemporary group where he developed a new dimension of his art.
    These seasoned artist-musician and his talents, in traditional and contemporary forms of Congolese-African music and dance, have accorded him opportunities to travel the world and earned him numerous honors and accolades for his excellence and artistic mastery.